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New Homes

Do I need a Realtor if I want to buy a new home?


Having a Realtor help you with a new home purchase is incredibly valuable. The sales associates for the builder work FOR THE BUILDER, NOT FOR YOU! You need someone with experience in new home sales and what occurs before and after you close escrow. We have experienced first hand the ups and downs of purchasing a new home and through that experience we offer our clients a wealth of knowledge that can save them quite a bit of money and frustration. Our testimonials page includes a note from a client that purchased a new home for his family and shares his experience with us as their Realtors.



What are the advantages of a new home instead of a resale home?


New homes are great! You don't have to worry about a mess left by a previous owner, everything is new, you get the latest in design trends and you live in a community full of nice homes. When you purchase a new home, even after you close escrow you can still have direct contact with the builder in the event of a discovery of a material property defect. You get to have your options installed with the colors you want and you get to express your style in a fun way. There is also the joy of being a part of a new neighborhood. The downside is that all this comes at a cost that is usually higher than the cost of a resale home. But if it's worth the price to you, new homes are a great place to live.



What should I expect when I close escrow on a new home?


Closing escrow on any home can be somewhat overwhelming. The first thing you should do is take the time to paint your interior walls as the home builder usually does not offer that option for you. You should pick out your colors (and select a painter if you plan to hire one) before you close escrow so that you can get started immediately. You will also almost always find some things that you missed during your initial walkthrough. This is one of the reasons why you should have a Realtor assist you with your new home purchase - it doesn't hurt to have another pair of eyes during your walkthrough. You also need to plan for landscaping - which can be very costly. Home builders will only grade the yard for proper drainage but they will not do the landscaping for you. This is one expense that you should also have planned out in advance even before closing escrow.

Jones Team RE - OC Real Estate Agent
Jones Team RE - OC Real Estate Agent
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